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Corelogix makes support simple!

To maintain and improve your business relationships it is important to make sure ACT! is working for you. At Corelogix we not only fix the problem but we provide support plans that are geared to help you enhance your knowledge about ACT! We are committed to making sure you become a confident ACT! user. Our support staff is specialized in on-site, telephone and remote desktop support. Corelogix has built a strong team of experienced ACT! Certified technicians who can deliver technical services anywhere.

Remote Support

We are able to help you with your ACT! related issues remotely. This includes over the phone, e-mail or directly connecting to your computer over the web. Remote support allows us to provide remote assistance, eliminating the need to travel on-site and allows us to help you with greater flexibility.

On-Site Support

Whether you need help installing, configuring, obtaining software upgrades, diagnosing and fixing operating problems or performing maintenance tasks, we deliver the solutions you need to keep your ACT! software up and running.

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Thank You. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Welcome to our Remote Support Service.

Prior to starting your remote support session, you will need to speak with an Act! Technician. Please call 403-692-8805 if you would like to organize a remote session.
To start your Remote Support Session, you will receive a code from one of our technicians, enter the code below and click “Connect Now”. Please respond affirmatively to any security warnings you may receive from your computer.
Enter your 6-digit code