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Corelogix has been providing strategic Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions for over two decades now and our combined experience in this area is well over 35 years. Our goal is to assist companies to grow their businesses, with a focus on solid CRM strategies that result in successful CRM deployments. We are staffed by Act! Certified Consultants (ACC) who are an exclusive group of independent, trained, and authorized professionals who specialize in helping you implement Act! CRM solutions to run your business better.

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Increase Productivity with Smart Tasks

Albert Einstein famously said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” But what if you do the same thing over and over again and want the same results? I’d call that a solid process. How about automating it? I’d call that smart. A Smart Task, to be exact. Act! Smart Tasks allow you to create a series of common and connected automated steps, such as scheduling an activity, sending an email, or sending an Act! emarketing campaign. Each Smart Task also defines when a step should be performed and who [...]

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The Advisor™ – CRM System (Live Demo)

The Advisor™ is the Next generation of relationship management software designed specifically for Financial Advisors. The Advisor™ utilizes the most popular contact management system in the world, ACT!. The Advisor™ is an add-on to the ACT! software that customizes ACT! for the financial services practice and is designed specifically for financial service professionals.

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Official Swiftpage Statement for Customers on Supported Act! Versions (v19, v20 and v21)

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We have recently been informed that an embedded third-party software component of Act! that facilitates licensing services is being discontinued by the manufacturer at the end of […]

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The worst advice you’ll hear about CRM


Harnessing the maximum potential of a customer relationship management (CRM) system is contingent on its accurate understanding and implementation. Even though most people have accepted the need for CRM to be a rudimentary one, there are […]

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It’s time to go paperless! FileManager for Act! delivers powerful features in a simple, affordable package that makes file management and organization a breeze. Whether you’re attaching Scans, Incoming Files, Quotes, Letters…any type of file you want associated with a Contact or Company, The FileManger gives you organized, easy access.

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“As an Advisor working in an ever-changing, highly regulated financial services industry, I can honestly say that the single most valuable tool we now have is our Sage ACT CRM solution with The Advisor add-on by Corelogix. We have used many different CRM solutions over the years, but the seamless integration of ACT! and intuitive and easy to use ADVISOR add-on, makes us more productive and compliant each and every day. In addition, our smartphones running Handheld Contact have allowed us to be as productive when we are outside the office, as we were sitting in front of our desktops.”
Marc S., Financial Advisor - Canada
“Since we implemented The FileManager™, I’ve been simply amazed at what a difference it has made. Our productivity has gone through the roof and stress levels have dropped. We just had no idea how much time was wasted scanning, saving and retrieving documents until we implemented FileManager, all we do now is go to the contact or company in ACT and click on The FileManager™ tab. Within seconds we can scan a document or retrieve a document and can get to work.
As a partner in our firm, I always look back to see what business decisions we have made that I would classify as “THE BEST”. FileManager™ has been one of “THE BEST” decisions we have made, it’s a game changer for us. We can’t imagine working without it!!”
Brenda S., Accountant - Canada
“I have been using ACT since 1989 and have seen many improvements in its evolution. I downloaded the free evaluation of Corelogix’s FileManager and was immediately impressed with its ease-of-use and its capabilities. It totally transforms the native document management system within ACT giving it superior functionality. Not only was the product fantastic but whenever I had any need to contact the company, they dealt with my questions promptly and always resolved the issue efficiently. I would highly recommend this product and I’m confident you will benefit as I certainly have.”
Mark C., Legal Services - United Kingdom

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