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Corelogix is a dedicated hosting provider of Act! software products. We provide synchronization hosting services for teams that need to collaborate freely wherever they are. By letting us host your database you can reduce your hardware and IT costs and rest assured that your data is maintained and backed up at a secure off-site location so you can focus on more important tasks…like improving client relationships and growing your business

How it works…

Access your Act! database from anywhere without an Internet connection.

Remote Offline Access is achieved through the Act! Synchronization utility. It allows you to operate on a local copy of the Act! database so you don’t always have to be connected to the Internet. You can send/receive any updates to the master copy when you do get connected. You can have access to all the data, or maybe just a subset of the data that you need.

Examples of when you need to use Act! Synchronization are:

  • Users who operate from remote offices or from home.
  • Laptop users who need to work on the road (or in the air).
  • Hosting the main database with an external provider (possibly use Premium for Web) and syncing to a copy of the database for better control of imports/exports and mail merges.
  • For example, you may have offices in multiple locations, each with their own copy of the database that synchronizes to a master database in the head office.

The benefits of using synchronization over other mobile solutions are:

  • You are not reliant upon a permanent internet connection.
  • Working on a local copy is faster and more efficient than relying on your Internet download speed.
  • Internet/WAN/LAN access is only required when you send/receive updates.
  • Administrators are able to segment the data so that end users only see the data that they need (useful for Territory Management).
  • Provides true mobility with local integration into Microsoft Office software applications.

Synchronization is a standard feature of Pro and Premium Act! versions.

Act! Database Hosting

$2500monthly (per user) billed annually - Software NOT included
  • Unlimited Remote Databases
  • Nightly Backups
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Prior to starting your remote support session, you will need to speak with an Act! Technician. Please call 403-692-8805 if you would like to organize a remote session.
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